A Hat-Tip to the DIY Writing Community (and Our New Ebook!)

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The past few months – er, years – have been a whirlwind for DIY Writing. This week I had a conversation with a fellow blogger who noted, “Just thinking about all of the launching you’re doing – the website, the bootcamp, the books, oh my! …” and it really hit home how non-stop development at DIYW has been since I set that first blog in motion in 2011.

It’s a little too much.

Where 2013 alone saw the launch of 3 ebooks, 2 blogs, an e-course, coaching and speaking services, a crowdfunding campaign, and 5 collaborative projects (oh my! is right), 2014 is about finding focus and defining for you and for me what DIY Writing will look like for years to come.

That means being a little more selective with new products and services – and ensuring every new thing has just the right impact on the overall plan. No aimless experiments (for a while. . .) Everything you see at DIY Writing this year will be focused on growing these select areas of the business:

  • Community
  • Courses
  • Coaching

To that end, I’m excited to finally announce this DIY Writing Community effort:

Welcome to the DIY Writing Bookstore

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A selection of our favorite essays from the DIY Writing community.

You may have already stopped by the Bookstore since it “opened” a few months back with A Writer’s Bucket List and our 12-month planner. Now we’ve finally sorted out how to utilize this arm of the business to support our greater community-building efforts.

Today, I’m excited to release the first book featuring writers from the DIY Writing community: On Being a Writer: Essays on Motivation & the Writing Life.

This ebook features a selection of our favorite posts from DIYW and Writer’s Bucket List since I started blogging in 2011, including motivation, life lessons, writing tips, and inspirational stories from DIY Writers.

And, to reinvest in the community that helped make this book happen, the money from On Being a Writer and any DIYW ebooks sold through the Bookstore goes to support the DIY Writing Co-op, a team publishing program to start later this year.

While the details of the Co-op are still in flux, the point of it is to offer a place for entrepreneurial writers to get support in self-publishing and other digital publishing endeavors without prohibitive up-front costs. Ebook sales will help us make that possible.

And, our ebooks are all available with a “Pay What You Want” price tag – so you decide how much to invest in your community. Whatever you want or can afford to pay will get you a copy of On Being a Writer, or any DIYW ebook.

(In the Bookstore, you’ll also see a section of books “Published by Our Partners” – I’ll talk in a later post about how we’re getting creative to reinvest those sales into the community, as well.)

About On Being a Writer

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The first in what I’ve dubbed the DIY Writing “Mixtape” series, this book highlights the community and network that has helped grow DIY Writing over the past 2+ years. Some of the posts are my musings on the process of launching a career in writing. Some are my guest posts for other blogs on writing and entrepreneurship, and some are posts by guests to the Writer’s Bucket List blog. On Being a Writer includes contributions from:

Get your .Mobi, EPUB, or PDF copy from the DIY Writing Bookstore to support the Co-op. Or buy directly for Kindle from Amazon. Thanks for your support!

We Want to Hear from You

As we hone down the focus of DIY Writing, how can we use the community, coaching, and courses to better support your writing goals? Share in the comments!

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    Dana, very late on congratulating you on launching this incredible book, but CONGRATS! (I’ve literally had this post open in my browser since you emailed me about it….sigh). I can’t wait to read the other contributions! xox