Last Chance to Join Our Free Writers Group!

button-FBGroupI loathe the idea of putting stuff out into the world to sit on your virtual bookshelves or at the back of your mind, but never really make a difference in your life.

Misses the point, you know?

So shortly after I launched A Writer’s Bucket List, I also launched A Writer’s Bucket List Action Team, a place where writers can gather to swap ideas, ask questions, and share inspiration for the writing life. A bucket list is an easy thing to write and dream about — but it’s no good sitting dusty on a shelf! I created the Action Team to keep writers moving forward.

The concept can be used to form your own live writers group, but we also have an online community, a Facebook group our home base. In the group, writers take on various Bucket List challenges every month, plus connect with each other to share advice, stories, and conversation that go way beyond what I could have fathomed when I conceived the group as a lone wolf with a book and a dream.

Seriously, these writers are blowing my mind.

Through the group, DIY Writers have connected for guest post opportunities, swapped freelance advice, discovered books and other resources for writers, and more. One writer decided to take the leap and quit her day job to be a writer full-time based on the advice and encouragement from other DIY Writers! You friggin’ rock, Action Team :D

In addition to impressing me with their wealth of knowledge and willingness to connect with and support other DIY Writers, members in the Action Team are simply blowing my mind by how quickly they’re amassing. As of this writing, the private group is at 290 members; by the time I publish, it will likely have risen.

Other bloggers and entrepreneurs have even been inspired by this thriving community and launched similar groups around their own Big Ideas (which inspired me to reach out to help them do this even better, through Artisanal Content Creation). It’s this whole amazing thing that happens when you start connecting with interesting people through the internet. (It’s 2013, and life is good.)

To be honest, I thought it would just be a place to talk about the ideas in my book. Turns out, writers need a place to connect, and this is it. In the hands of DIY Writers, this community has grown legs of its own, and I’m loving it.


I don’t want to lose the strong connections and rich conversations writers are having with each other through this community. I want to ensure that the Action Team (and the greater DIY Writing community) remains a place to nurture these relationships and find great value, not just a space filled with all the noise that’s on so much of the internet.

So I’m going to do something kind of silly in this world of online marketing, where everything is crazy numbers-driven:

I’m going to close the group to new members soon.

I’ve seen Facebook groups grow too fast and become filled with all that noise, to the point that members no longer get any of the intended value from the group. We don’t want that here.

I was going to cut the group off at 300, but we grew too close to that before I could warn you! Instead, I’m closing A Writer’s Bucket List Action to new members (indefinitely) after Friday, August 30.

Now, to that online market-y note: No, I’m NOT going to start charging membership fees to be part of the group. There will be no catch to staying in the group if you’re already a member, or to joining when I re-open to invite new members. The group is free and open to all (non-spammy) writers, and always will be.

I’m just cutting off membership for a while to give current Action Team members a chance to get to know each other better — and to get a chance myself to get to know everyone better. This community is far more than just numbers to me — I want to know your faces, stories, goals, and dreams. And I mean it! I don’t want you drowned in a sea of other faces.

But, of course, I couldn’t just cut the group off without first extending an invitation to loyal WritersBucketList readers! If you want to be part of this thriving community of budding writers, get in now, before August 30; I’m not sure when your next chance will be ;)

And hey, welcome to the Team!

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