E-Pub Coaching Packages

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Clarify your message, define your audience, and determine the best way to share your Big Idea with the world in this free 45-minute call. Book it now >>

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A la Carte Coaching

30 or 60-minute calls :: $145/hour

You’re not looking for a commitment, but you still wanna have a good time. I understand. Set your own goal and timeline, and book E-Pub Coaching as you need it — no schedule and no limit to how many you can book!

Clients have booked Quickie sessions for things like a training in ebook conversion, feedback on content for a newsletter or blog post, and planning a video chat. Make it what you need!


3 Sessions over 3-6 Weeks

3 1-hour calls :: $405

You’re gunnin’ to try something bold — and I’m here to show you the way! Through a 3-session E-Pub package you’ll clarify your message and create a personalized roadmap for sharing it with the world. Focus on goals like:

  • Draft Your Ebook Publishing Plan
  • Build a Better Email List
  • Boost Your Blog with an Artisanal Content Strategy
  • Launch a Facebook Group around Your Big Idea

An Affair to Remember

6 Sessions over 6-12 Weeks

6 1-hour calls :: $750

You’re ready to take this business to the next level. Through 6 1-hour calls, you’ll design an actionable, dynamic plan for building a thriving community around your Big Idea through blogging, publishing, social media, email, live events, and more.

Use this package to prep for a launch, or to transform your ongoing community-building strategy.

Ready to get started? Contact Dana to book your first session: dmsitar(at)gmail(dot)com.