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The Only Way to Know Whether People Will Want to Read Your Book


During the two months between the completion and launch of my ebook A Writer’s Bucket List, I would lie awake at night fretting about the book and all the little steps that go into self-publishing… What did I forget to put on the website? What should I say in the announcement emails? What will Launch […]

Why I’m Charging Next to Nothing for My New Ebook Publishing Workshop


Earlier this month I asked Writer’s Bucket List readers what you want to learn more about this fall – and, once again, you overwhelmingly responded ebook publishing. Y’all know you want to write an ebook, but your life seems filled with barriers to keep that from happening. You don’t have TIME to write an ebook. You […]

How My Pay-What-You-Want Promo Made Me Feel Awesome About Selling My Self-Published Book

Fashionably Light Cover

I’ve been self-publishing for years. Daily, in fact. That’s what my blog feels like, anyway – a little piece of the internet I can call my own, where I can write down useful things. It is my daily accomplishment, a reminder to myself to live up to what I observe. So when I sat down […]

3 Ways to Turn Your Blog Posts into a Rockin’ Ebook

12-3-13 Blog to Ebook

When I sat down to write my own ebook for ManiWriMo, I was somewhat petrified. I’d been thinking of doing an ebook for a while — I had a whole outline written and everything — but when it came to actually writing the darn thing, I had no idea where to begin. This was going […]

Navigating the Trickier Parts of Self-Publishing Ebooks

111-19-13 Kylie Dunn

I am a planner and a little bit of a control freak. My major events are usually planned within an inch of their life. Yet, when I started writing my first ebook, I was concerned about writing and marketing, but I had put little thought into how I would actually self-publish. As crazy as that […]