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Dana’s insomnia-induced personal essays on things like writing, comedy, travel, polyamory, sexuality, family, and more.

Nice Things (Another Day in Polyamory)


He thinks I never have anything nice to write about him. I told him my blog isn’t an autobiography; it’s a collection of the writing I like best. And that usually comes out in my most lonely, anxious, unhappy moments. Lately most of those moments are precipitated by something to do with him. Not necessarily […]

Sleeping in the Middle of the Bed (Today in Polyamory)

sleeping alone

I’ve never been single before, but it seems to involve sleeping in the middle of the bed, which I think I can get behind. Even when I’m alone, I sleep on my side of the bed. I leave his pillows intact and don’t roll past center. I used to be alone sometimes because he would […]

Insomnia Redux


3:30 a.m. Central. I was lying awake and panicking, worried I may have forgotten how to write, so I better go ahead and give this a try. It’s insomnia or caffeine or Stefan snoring beside me; I’m not sure. The three always swirl together to form this cyclone of energy that keeps me awake, and […]

Welcome to the Shit Show (Essay Collection Only 99 Cents on Kindle this Weekend!)


You might not have known this, but my first self-pub book was a 2011 collection of essays and short stories titled Welcome to the Shit Show. You probably missed it, because shortly after hastily releasing it as an ebook, I unpublished it with the intention to edit, polish, and re-release a stronger second edition. Then […]

How to Be a Lesbian (featured at Huffington Post)


featured at Huffington Post this month: I’ve been learning how to be a lesbian lately, because my boyfriend and I opened our relationship last year. “Open relationship,” for us, means we’re still committed to each other but also date other people. So I get to be a lesbian sometimes, and he gets to be, um, […]