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Dana SitarI’m an author, blogger, and person living in Wisconsin. I write about writing, life, and love for blogs, books, and sometimes things people care about, like Huffington Post and that time I had an article published in the Onion.

I share insomnia-induced personal essays on things like comedy, travel, polyamory, sexuality, family, and more, through this blog at A Writer’s Bucket List.

I’m obsessed with stand-up comedy, my niece, and checking new places off my bucket list.

things i do

I blog at A Writer’s Bucket ListHuffington Post, and frequently others. You can see links and clips, plus other professional stuff, at LinkedIn.

I manage the A Writer’s Bucket List network of creative writers and personal bloggers.

I manage the She Loves Comedy network of podcasts by comedians.

I write, publish, and contribute to books.

I train or mentor writers in self-publishing, blogging, and being a writer. Subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date on those offers.


A Writer's Bucket ListIn 2013, I published this site’s namesake ebook A Writer’s Bucket List, which went on to become a Best Seller and earn critical acclaim across the writing and publishing spheres.

In that same year, I contributed to three other bestsellers: eBooks Suck! (but they don’t have to), Self-Publishing Sucks! (but it doesn’t have to), and Writer’s Digest’s 2014 Guide to Self-Publishing.

A Writer’s Bucket List has been named a Top Blog for Writers by Positive Writer and The Write Life (2014, 2015).

I’ve written about 300 articles/blog posts for most of the top blogs on writing, the top comedy blog in the country, and a handful of reputable print and online publications.

My article Comedy According to the Isthmians was named a Top 100 News Article in Writer’s Digest’s 80th Annual Writing Competition.

My debut book of essays, Welcome to the Shit Show, became an Amazon Best Seller with the publication of the second edition in 2015.