Read My #GetGutsy Essay in Jessica Lawlor’s New Ebook!

GET GUTSY ebook by Jessica Lawlor


I’m so excited to share this book release today. Jessica Lawlor has pulled together the stories from those of us who participated in the 2014 #GetGutsy essay contest to create this cool inspiring ebook.

Pick up this free ebook, join this kickass community, and be inspired by the nearly 20 people who agreed to share their very personal stories with the world.

When you dive into the book, you’ll read compelling essays about:

  • Overcoming depression
  • Quitting a soul-sucking job to pursue a dream
  • Moving to a brand new, unfamiliar city
  • Conquering long-distance races
  • Traveling the world
  • Losing more than 30 lbs and embracing a healthy lifestyle

Most importantly, you’ll walk away inspired. You’ll walk away with admiration and respect for the authors of these stories – people who opened up about their struggles, their passions, and their achievements.

Just like you do every time you read Jessica’s blog, you’ll walk away motivated to do the very same: to step outside your comfort zone every once in awhile…and to live a more gutsy life.

In addition to my essay about rediscovering my comfort zone, read stories from some of my favorite bloggers – and, of course, get your dose of inspiration from Jessica Lawlor herself!

Congrats, Jessica, and thanks for encouraging us to share these stories!

Get it now – and enjoy :)

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